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I should have started this thread a long time ago. The "Nasty Lick" series has been around for a good four years or so, and I've been posting them here on Drummerworld since somewhere around 2012.

Going forward, they'll all be posted on this thread. Should make it easier for anyone interested.

That being said, here's the latest: "Nasty Lick #64"

Hope you enjoy.


to download a PDF and for the full blog post, you can go here....


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Tony Williams Lick from "Joy Filled Summer"

here's a transcription of a great Tony Williams fill from the track "Joy Filled Summer," on the "Million Dollar Legs" album.

The fill appears at about 1:16 on the track.

The blog post with a downloadable PDF is here:

Or just have a look here:


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The Nasty Drum Lick Thread

Here is "Nasty Lick" #79.

It's a linear sextuplet groove based idea. You know how Gadd would throw some fast hi-hat snare drum, bass drum ideas into his grooves ? This is in that "world" but has a little gospel love in it too....'s a link:



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and........drum roll please.......

TA DA!!! Here is Nasty Lick #84. It's a gospel chops type of thang....

Nasty Lick #84

There's a downloadable PDF at the link so you can print it out and take it into the practice room if you so desire. Hope you find it helpful/enjoyable.


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The Nasty Lick Thread: 15 Paradiddle-Diddle Funk Grooves (32nd notes)

So this one is not an "official" Nasty Lick, but it very well could be.

These are 32nd note applications of paradiddle-diddles that you can use in grooves. They really spice things up.

I use this stuff myself in certain playing situations. As usual, there is a PDF for you to download and there is also a video with me showing some of the ideas in the practice room. Hope it's helpful and interesting.

"15 Paradiddle-Diddle Funk Grooves"


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5 Killer 32nd Note Groove/Solo Ideas

hey Everyone!

Here is Nasty Lick's an exploration of some new ways to play 32nd notes within grooves....kind of like the famous Gadd idea from Tom Scott's "Dirty Old Man" (Gadd'll know what I'm talking about).

Here's a link to the PDF.

5 Killin 32nd Note Groove Ideas

I think you'll like these.


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Videos for Nasty Lick #85

Hey everyone -
I'm starting to add video to the "Nasty Lick" series ( I know, I know....what took so long?!)

This first video is just an example of some of the variations on #85, improvised, with no explanation:

If that peaks your interest, you can check out more, with a downloadable PDF and two videos (slow and fast) that will lead you through the PDF's exercises, at this link:

In other words, if you dig the first video, all is explained and transcribed with videos and a PDF at the second link.

Hope you find it enjoyable and/or entertaining....


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