The Music Video is here!


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When I went to Power Chord Academy over the summer, I joined a band, we wrote a song, recorded it in studio, with mics mixers and everything, then a professional music video videographer filmed up playing the song, and we made a music video! We had to wait TWELVE WEEKS for it to arrive in the mail, and it finally came yesterday!

I know my drumming kind of sucked, my 8th notes on the hi hats were SUPER sloppy, but there are a few good fills in there, excellent piano-work, a nice guitar solo, and spot-on singing. Of course, you can't hear the bass player=D


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I couldn't even hear the git-fiddles. The bass is loud man
I know, but totally not our fault. The weird thing is, the pro that mixed our song was super-good, but he specialized in R&B, where the bass is loud. I have no idea why a rock and roll music camp hired him, but the other band's songs, trust me, were mixed even worse. For at least 2 of them, you couldn't even hear the drums.

you hit your snare weird man, hit it from high to low, not from left to right ;p
I know, I was unsuccesfully trying to have style. Trust me, this was a while ago, and I've totally learned from my mistakes. PCA was an awesome experience though--I didn't learn anything from the counselors, but the other drummers there taught me a bunch. When we went to chill with the other bands, we'd all let each other play on our drumsets, and I played some pretty nice kits--unfortunately, I wasn't as knowledgeable about drumming then, but I know I played a super-nice DW kit...


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wow okay maybe it was a quick mix but there is absolutely no excuse for the instruments to be out of tune! I'm sorry but it just sounds like our old band on a really bad practice day.