The Music of Junk - Rhythm - (4k 2020)


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The Music of Junk - Rhythm - (4k 2020)

Audio recorded live at the Firehall Theater in Vancouver Canada. I was the drummer for the live show and this video. Paul Snider made the real world instruments and assembled the live show. I created this virtual version. See the original video's link below for more info.

This project was created in 2014 but I did not have a computer capable of doing a decent rendering (comparatively, as I was pleased with it at the time). I found the project on a usb stick recently, the only project I ever saved in an "Open and Render" format. It was made with Blender 2.6 as a learning Blender project, this render is out of Blender 2.8. It is the exact same project as seen in the original 2015 upload (link below) but with 3 minutes of tweaks** and better hardware.

original feb 22 2015 upload

live nov 2015
Waterfront Theatre, Vancouver, BC

2020 render began
Jan 30 815pm
feb 5 1030 am
5 days 14 hours 15 minutes

average 1m10s a frame render
3840x2160 24fps

**1. change 3 point lights to 1 environment light
**2. add 3 static props
**3. change samples from 85 to 16, turn on Denoising, animate Seed for noise
**4. change render size output



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What a phenomenal project to be a part of!!!! Loving the render work too - that must have taken a ton of time to assemble.