The Manliest fight ever.


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I'm not referring to your common skateboarder at a skateboard park, or sanctioned sporting events like the X Games. I'm talking about the people that jump off roofs, and do absurd jumps and such, most of the time with no helmets or any other protection. It's the Jackass Movie crowd.

The emergency rooms have to be littered with these "stuntmen" that have broken their limbs and cracked their skulls. It's just plain idiotic, and certainly will cause them health or quality of life issues later in life.
I support this activity as a way of reducing their influence in the gene pool. In prehistoric time, when there was zero health care, these people would have been killed before they had a chance to breed. They're always males, too.

Unfortunately, in modern society, we'll have to feed and wipe them for decades. At least we can laugh at them.