The Ludwig Acrolite


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LVDC I wanted to thank you for your information on the Ludwig Acrolites. I just got one and I am so happy with the sound. The best I can tell (from reading your information) is that it is a 1979 round corner B/O drum. Its in very nice shape and I kinda think I stole it.

Any way thanks. I will keep checking back to see what going on.



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I'd love an Acro, just hate the fact that they're so expensive here. Sells for more than 500 dollar everytime...


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OK, figured this was the best place to ask:
Which snare wires are best for a good sounding Acrolite? I just put some Puresounds 24's on mine, but it sounds...well, too snare-y. Is 24 too much for this drum, or should I go for something smaller? I realize it is a personal thing, but seeing that this is my first "real" snare, I'm kinda wondering what is the deal.

This is my Acrolite, for reference:


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I have a 42 strand on one of my snares. It sounds really fat and snare-y. With an Aquarian Jack DeJohnettehead, it's real good for a dark phat sound. With a twenty strand set, it's more versatile and open. That's preference - experimental. What's more important is the quality. Somebody recently did a review of many types of wires, try to find it. You want to worry more about quality of the wires than the quantity.


I have what I believe to be a late 70's or 80's Acrolite.

I have never been thrilled with the sound of it though.

I put new heads and new wires on it a while back and still didn't like it.

After reading this thread it made me want to re-visit my old Acrolite.

It seems that with mine the tighter I turn it up the better it sounds.

Lose tuning just doesn't do it for me.

Am I doing something wrong?


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I have an acrolite with a Puresound concert set of wires (16 strand) I also have an Evans Genera dry head. I was looking for a dry, more symphonic sound. 16 strand wires work well for my sound, but the wonderful thing about the Acrolite is its versatility. Decide what combo works for your sound.


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Was great to see that this thread exists :)

Just put some money down on a 14 x 5 Rounded B/O badge Acro in excellent condition - 42 strand wires, Coated Ambassador. Very nice! Pics when paid off :)

Was originally checking between the Acro and the Supra, (and listening between the 5 and the 6.5), but the price difference (around $200) in OZ didn't translate to aural differentiation IMO - and these, while cared for, will be working drums.

Exciting times, though, none-the-less.

Also - picked up a set of near-new Sabian hats (I know it's off topic) - Evolution bottom and a Paragon top (13"). Found the sound I have been looking for for the last 8 years or so. Awesome-town.


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My Acrolite vintage 1979 has is Ambassador coated batter and Ambassador clear bottom heads. I crank it up kinda tight. It really has a great sound. I am so happy now its the only snare I wanna use. I dont know if it makes much on a difference but I use 5A nylon tip sticks. I tried using some 5B wood tip sticks and it was too fat sounding, Any one else find this????


A few weeks ago I bought a used Ludwig Acrolite Snare from one of my local GC's. When I first played it the tuning was atrocious. It still had the original Ludwig heads on it top and bottom and it came with a backpack sort of case. The drum actually looked unused. I bet there were some irate parents connected to that drum, lol. Anyway, I tore it apart, cleaned it lubed it and it looks brand new. I haven't had a chance to photograph it just yet. It was a nice addition to my Ludwig Classic Maple snare and it was just $75 USD. I enjoy finding sales on nice merchandise.



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Nice imformative post 'ludwigvondrumcrazy'.

the only difference between the two being that the 400 was drilled for ten Lugs and was chrome plated with the 404 getting eight lugs

Actually no drum manufacture 'drills' metal they 'punch' the holes out, Ludwig is no exception. Drilling stresses the metal, is costly (bits, clean up etc.) and makes a messy hole that takes another step to clean up. Wood shell's are 'drilled', metal 'punched'. Ludwig made a run of 200 10 lug 404 Acro's, hope you can post a pic.

Ludwig should seriously consider jumping on the 'vintage reproduction' band wagon ala Fender Guitars. With a little bit of creative thought (just use the Fender marketing template as an example Ludwig), Ludwig could regain a big chunk of the market share, as no other drum company can match their storied history. Ludwig could easily knock the rust off their crown and have the other drum manufactures lining up below them.

They're dabbling with the Bonzo reissue, but need to get serious with some cool reissue 60's kits and snares. Bowtie lugs on sets, bring back the original gold sparkle wrap etc. Largley unchanged metal snares could be reissued vintage pretty easily with a few original spec parts. They would definitely create a new/renewed interest in Ludwig and further complicate the the vintage sceene which they're not getting a piece of. Go Ludwig! Its time to shine once again.

I totally agree with Les. Ludwig really should enter the market with more "vintage" style gear. Though I did not own a kit in gold sparkle, the finish still catches my eyes quicker than anything else. Too bad that Ludwig has started using what I refer to as "crinkle" finishes instead of "sparkle" finishes. Yeah, I know they list them as "sparkle", but take a close look at the new finishes. Not sparkle. A local Marietta, GA store had a green sparkle Bonham kit that was part sparkle, part crinkle finish - did not match !!


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I haven't ever seen the "crinkle" wrap. Not disputing it, just haven't seen it on a drum.
I've seen sample chips though, and it's pretty crappy.

Ludwig's new samples are sparkle--and the sample pieces are large. 5" square at least.
The Black Glitter Glass is BLACK also. Not Blue-ish, or Grey-ish, or Root Beer-ish, it's BLACK.

Ludwig would probably sell a lot more Acro's if they offered a more "original silvery" version. "The Legend returns" or something like that for the 6.5.

I'd buy a 5 and a 6.5 if they offered it in that polished Aluminum shell.

The Black Galaxy is nice, and looks a lot cooler in person, but that semi-chrome/polished Aluminum is the bomb. The contrast between the shell, and the chrome parts looks fantastic.

My Acro is the version just before the flatter Grey color, and has the pointed B/O badge.
Awesome snare, and sounds great with the bottom head real tight, and with 42's.


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Here are a couple of pics....I have three acros and love them all. Best drum, for the money, ever produced. My favorite is the "Camolite"


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Liebe zeit

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I got an 80s Acrolite recently from the US on ebay. I absolutely love it. It's like a gunshot if hit near the middle of the head and lovely and ringy further out.


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NEW! Acrolite Classic and LTD just came over Facebook.

Brushed Aluminum shell, 5 and 6.5, chrome hardware, 2.3 hoops, B/O badge etc...
LTD has brushed chrome hardware and hoops, strainer etc...

Butt plate is up higher too.
Here's the 6.5 with chrome hardware.



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Like if you took a wire wheel to a Black Galaxy, I wonder if you would have to protect the shell with anything after the coating is removed. Since it's aluminum, I was thinking a coating of car wax inside and out should keep any oxidation in check. Any thoughts?

Aluminum oxide is good. It is durable and stable, and actually forms a protective layer over the aluminum. The process of anodizing aluminum actually makes the aluminum oxide layer thicker for a more durable finish. So no finishing is required on top of bare aluminum.


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I have been shopping Craigslist for a good used snare to replace the POS Pearl Vision Series Sensitone that came with my kit. I found a 14" x 6.5" DDrum Dominion Ash in a custom carbon fiber finish. I was attracted to the DDrum because of it's 10 lug diecast hoops and I've always been curious about a snare in Ash wood. I planned to pull the trigger on this drum for the $125 asking price, but after several attempts the owner didn't return my emails.

I then ran across a 14" x 6.5" Ludwig Acrolite in Galaxy Black for $175. I contacted the owner and offered him the $125 that I was going to spend for the DDrum and he came back with the counter-offer of $140. I thought this was a pretty good deal considering the drum was less than two years old and in perfect condition. I haven't had an Acrolite since my original snare in elementary school back in the late 70's. I sold that snare (like the idiot I was back then) with an old kit in the late 80's. I bought the like-new Black Galaxy Acrolite for $140.

I was wondering if everyone here thinks I made the right choice. I know that opinions may be a bit biased since this is an Acrolite thread, but I'm interested none the less. It seems that I read somewhere that this Acrolite has 2.3 hoops instead of 1.6. Is that correct? Also... what would be a complimentary drum head for this snare? I play mostly 80's and 90's rock covers.



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An Acro is a can't miss.
I wouldn't second guess the choice.
Nice price you paid too.

Yes 2.3 hoops (never minded the 1.6 hoops myself though).

Most heads will sound great on this drum also.

Have fun with it!


I have a couple. One I had put a "Trick" cam style throw kit as to not drill any holes.


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I found one today I couldn't pass up. It cleaned up really nice. The last pic is a shot of the snare stand that came with it