The Ludwig Acrolite


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I went here to identify my Acrolite.
This is only 1961-1979.

I thought mine was about 1978 or so, blue and olive badge that is pointy.
It sounds so nice.
***edit, Yes I am mostly positive mine is 1978. Brother said he thinks it was a bit used when he got it in 78, but was long time ago. My rims I finally measured were 1/16th of an inch thick, or 1.6mm as are the pre 1979 ones according to post #1.***

Here is my path of discovery:
It came with the plastic case, but that does not mean anything as it was originally a rental.
My brother first got it in Fall of 78 . He thinks it had been used before/rented before.
My SN is 1682130 which puts it 1969. I think B/O badges appeared late '69.
Or, is the 1 (first number in SN) not counted in Ludwig's method.
The pointy badge, the 2-hole strainer point to 1978, but SN is way off for 78.
682xxx should be a Keystone badge or into 1980, which is after we got it.
1978450XXX – 548XXX

1969670XXX – 741215

or, the least helpful year:
1970(Out of sequence, unnumbered)

If it had ben rented before then possible they did repairs with a new throw, even new rims. Current throw has 2 holes. I have not measured the rim thickness (I think early 70's shoul dhave the 1.9mm rims as mentioned above. Though, the shell is always in like-new condition, so I do not suspect it had been abused and returned to the store… This still could be a Frankenstein drum with replaced throw, different rims…
I'd like to think it is original parts.

This other site
shows the SN changing from a 6-digit to a 7-digit (by adding a 1) in 1976. The SN for that year is
1976917XXX - 1290XXX
The 1976 numbers agree with the first link I gave too.

and in 1978, when brother says he got the drum:
The 7-digit X's could fit mine, so vauge, so useless are the X's.
The next year's info is not of much help either
1979XXXXXXX - 2013537

These two sites don't seem to agree on anything, so I am still confused.

My only conclusion if the SN is correct, and not the 1970 out-of-sequence one is that my 1 682 130 fits 1978 of X XXX XXX provided.
Strange part is if a student rents it then they start in the fall, someone would have had to rent it after the school year started, possible, but strange.
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