The Led Zepplin baby pacifier

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He reacted strongly to novelty ... the first ride ping in the psychedelic section, the bongos just afterwards and especially in JP's lead break over the stops. I'm guessing that the funk and pop on offer beforehand would be too smooth and tasteful - boooring!
Great video - my cutemeter was close to overload. At one stage I'm sure I had that sappy ingratiating, indulgent twee smile on my face that I so detest in doting adults. Still, much as I find children tend to get in the way and are frequently irritating, I can warm to a child who gets excited about psychedelia :)

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Given the choice of music his dad played to him before the Led Zep song, I sympathize with the poor kid, I would have the same reaction :)

He's really into it... a future drummer? Bonzo must be responsible for many to start drumming.

That kid has good taste :)


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1) I was hoping the whole time that the dad wasn't driving the car while he was filming the kid. Thank goodness we see he was in the driveway the whole time!

2) Good thing the kid is too young to understand what the song is about, because it isn't a Disney-type song.

3) Music is a universal language!


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I don't have kids but if I did I can only hope he'd be like this one! Having said that, these parents could have their hands full in the

Definitely a potential drummer...strong reactions to the cymbals and drum fills. Give that kid a bowler hat :)

Thanks for sharing and hope you don't mind but I'm going to have to steal this vid to share on my FB page....I know several people who'll get a kick out of it.


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I mean, is there any chance that kids not growing up to be a musician ????

.......the way he was sucking air when Page's solo comes on towards the end ? - Clincher.