The "Ladder."


Hello all...
question regarding a technique I see a can actually see this in the latest posting by Bernhard in the Steve Smith videos.
This is my this technique started with the hands and then the feet...or the feet looks like Steve is starting the down beat with his hand...but honestly it is moving by so fast...I really can't tell...?
Such as:

(Capital letters hands small letters feet)

R r L l R r L l ect...OR

R l L r R l L r ect...

Watch around 2:40

I really like this...and I believe once one has will fall into place...but right now it is the bane of my existence trying to get it as fast as Steve can do it...

Thank you!


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I think the hands are leading on downbeats but there is no written rule that says you can't reverse it....Just do what feels good to you