The kit that got away


Probably not worthy of this thread but I recently dithered on an early 90s Pearl Export set in mint condition with all hardware, new heads, and Sabian B8 cymbals for $500. Not the deal of a lifetime but I think pretty solid and when I think about it I have pangs of regret for not pulling the trigger.
Replying to my own post with a correction here. The cymbals were older Sabian PRO series, which had the B8 material but were produced using methods similar to the better quality Paistes, or so I've read...


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Can’t really think of anything other than a Gretsch Renown in Blue Oyster Pearl I was going to use as a gigging kit, to keep in London in storage.

The bass drum was a 24x14, the shell depth isn’t common (from what I’ve seen anyway) but wasn’t that fussed I missed out on it in the end as it would have been sparingly used, simply as most venues in the capital have house kits.


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... married to an extremely frugal Woman that threw nickels around like manhole covers and had a death grip on our bank accounts . It took me a couple days to convince her to let me buy the kit and when I got back to Songbird the kit was gone ...
... 'tis ALWAYS best to beg for forgiveness LATER ... rather than asking for permission FIRST!

Then again, my brothers and I were notorious for buying a toy that goes 'bang' (rifle) and taking it apart in pieces and then showing up at the house saying, "Oh look, I bought that barrel I've been searching for; now all I need is the stock, etc." or similar ... only to show up with the other parts a week or two later, depending on the Armiral's response/mood, LOL!

Hmmmm, and now having said that, that's EXACTLY how I got my present drum set! Bought the whole she-bang and setup the snare, stool & hi-hat. I did sell off some unused sporting gear and told her that was 'financing' the other drum set items needed. Then I added the kick ... plus am now working on the toms & cymbals.

But admittedly part of that long, drawn out plan was to also really take a step back to focus on my chops and rudiments, which are really showing great improvement!


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Was hunting a new set back in 1995ish in the San Francisco area(San Mateo) and dropped by Drum World(i seem to recall?).

One of the sales guys was unpacking a pristine clear visalite(back before the re-issue)...the bass was 24" and I was looking for 20" or 22" so I moved on.

I went back later that day strongly considering buying it and they reported it sold about 30 min after I left...poo....

but i wound up with a new Teal Premier all's well that ends well...or so i have convinced myself...


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Nothing high end, but there are a couple kits I could have gotten at blow out prices from Interstate music
before they went under, that I still think about sometimes.

One was a Ludwig Club Date SE in ruby sparkle, and the other was a Gretsch '57 bop kit.
Both were imports, but the club date was about $600 and the '57 was under $700 if I remember right.
I had just gotten a couple other sets though, and it would have been a bit too much.

It worked out OK though, because I eventually got a Ludwig Classic Maple bop kit that I'd rather have
than either or both of those.


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Back around 2005, I won a used Tama Starclassic Birch 4-piece kit in silver sparkle (my favorite finish). I urged the seller to ship the drums in separate boxes, which he said he would do. Instead, he crammed everything into 2 big, heavy boxes. Drums inside of drums, hardware inside of drums. Very little protective packaging. Naturally the shells had multiple gouges inside of them upon arrival. I disputed the sale and the seller ceased contact. I shipped the drums back and was reimbursed by ebay after the seller failed to respond to my dispute. So, I didn't lose any money, but it still kills me that I didn't get to keep that lovely kit.

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I did want a swirly Club Custom, but since the new Broadkasters came out and I like them better I'll live.

The few times the Millenium version of the Colaiuta snare showed up I didn't have the money, so missed out on that, too.