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My band did a benefit show for the victims of the Ukraine invasion last night, something we only really put together in recent days after all being upset by some of the footage that came out last weekend.

After already personally donating to a fund within my small financial means but not being able to sleep last Sunday after seeing one family simply trying to escape being killed by shelling the next day I put to the band about doing something at this weekends show, to hopefully help in some tiny, tiny, tiny way.

To my delight the band all instantly got fully on board, suggesting improvements and taking it to another level.

We managed to get some radio coverage ahead of the already booked gig to which I did an interview in recent days, we really pushed the show on social media, with the message we were donating our fee to the cause with a collection bucket on the night for audience members to donate to 'top up' - should anyone be willing and in the financial position to do so, whilst having a good time on the night with no pressure to get involved.

The show went great, well attended, everyone had a great time on the dancefloor by the looks of it and this morning I tallied up the donations, being slightly nervous before I cut off the security cable ties as the donation bucket felt really light.

The reason for that was it was mostly full of notes, as opposed to coins!!

We managed to raise (in total) £600, which will go towards buying essential items (non perishable canned foods, sleeping bags, torches, first aid kits, batteries...etc) to be donated to a local church that has been transporting items to Ukraine for people in need.

I must admit that I've become a little cynical about the goodness in the UK from how some people have reacted in a short time to Brexit, The Pandemic, General Politics...etc but the the lesson here? There are still some really decent people out there willing to do something when simply going to watch some music and a local cover band.

Also, I'm really proud to be in a band with four lovely people who wanted to do something good out of the (tiny) platform we have.

In general we have really seen an outpouring of kindness over this horrible situation, hopefully soon it ceases and Ukraine can start to heal. I just still cannot believe Ukraine is still in this position.

Hopefully this thread inspires one person for their own fundraiser, regardless of the subject matter / cause in hand.

Disclaimer: I don't want to see any political nonsense on this thread please. If you have something to say outside of the spirit of the thread I ask that you do it someplace else.
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All I got to say is GOOD ON YOU !!!!!