The Hayman gambit...

Netz Ausg

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Someone at my work place is advertising a Hayman drum kit for £90.

I've asked for a photo and it appears to be in a black (or at least dark shade of something) wrap finish. Interior shot shows no re-ring (As I'm aware the original run of 60s-70s all had 3 ply with re-rings).

All likelihood points to this being one of the brief 80s ressurection kits.

I've expressed my dubiosity as to the kit being one of those and she's talked about offering me a better deal just to get it off of her hands.

What do you guys think would be worth spending on this? It needs work for sure (the snare shell looks in need of an EPIC polish and the tension rods are rusty as anything) but I'm not afraid of a bit of work.

It's a 5 piece (probably rock sizes but I don't know unless I look). I'm heading over tomorrow armed with knowledge of badges/drum design and with my tape measure to scope out the date and spec.

Any advice you guys can give is much appreciated.