The Greatest Drummer Who Ever Lived?!?


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Above average GC drum-off fare, nicely done, but the greatest? Nah.

Les Ismore

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Well, for me he hasn't 'existed' (and that's the word rite?) till now. I don't think he sounds 'that' great.

It does sound like he's practiced what he's doing. Execution is an 8 out of 10, less if he actually took time to set up that kit.


Are... Are you posting for... Yourself?

Good chops. But click bait title is unnecessary.

Greatest drummer = Buddy Rich

(in b4 people posting their top 5 and not having BR as number one...)


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Made it about 5 seconds in before realizing what am I doing listening to someone who would say that? Let's see his discography.

Cobb, are you from Portland?

New Tricks

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nicely done, but the greatest? Nah.

You play a ton of stuff that I certainly can't play but it was stiff and didn't seem to fit together well enough for me to listen all the way through.

That's the reason I always fail at solo stuff. I can't seamlessly tie my riffs together.


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As a one-time "celebrity" judge for GC Drum-Off 2009 [with LP from Yellowcard], I'd not say the greatest. Not horrible. Just not interesting enough.



Wave Deckel

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Nah, definitely not. LOL. Wildly thrown together stuff that is executed well, but not really well (does not play clean). A bit above average stuff (with too much emphasis on playing fast with many notes imho). Guys like Adam Deitch or Clyde Stubbleflied are/were 1000 times better than him. And they aren't even the best drummers who ever lived. ;)


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I'm sure the "greatest ever" thing was posted with some humor. I enjoyed watching, he's pretty good.
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He's got some chops but the solo to me is not musical or too clean, more like musical masturbation.

Sorry Buddy is the man!