The great Joey Baron appreciation thread

To my astonishment i noticed that there isn't an appreciation thread for the legendary drummer Joey Baron, how's that?
When discussing the greatest drummers he's barely mentioned in this forum, why?
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The Keith Jarrett of drummers.
A master drummer, a wonderful improviser.
So many great recordings with artists such as Marc Johnson, John Zorn, John Abercrombie, David Sanborn, just to name a few.


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Joey's artistry and outstanding dedication to the craft intimidates me. I always imagined what it would be to be like him. Then you think who am I this guy trying to cop a lick from off of a Beatles album going..hows that go now?. Joey Baron?..are you kidding me. I'm staying on the porch where it's safe.


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Such a great listener! Great spirit too. And he can turn a corner with creative abandonment or drummer-ear catching chops
Also, check out this:

Dave Douglas, Dave Adewumi, trumpets
Matt Stevens, guitar
Fabian Almazan, piano
Carmen Rothwell, bass
Joey Baron, drums