The Great Hiatum


I play drums for The Great Hiatum out of Eugene, OR. We don't like to stick to one particular subgenre within general rock, but instead try to define ourselves with a sound. We can play a song ranging from funk, to blues, to pop, to whatever and we manage to sound like ourselves. :)

So we played a set at the Whiteaker Block Party here in Eugene last night, and it was pretty crazy. I don't have much to say about my band, but I wanted to share this video of two songs we played. These were our second two songs and the video doesn't show how many people were there, but by the end of the set the place was packed. Easily the most fun show I've ever played. The Eugene crowd rocks hard.

(This wasn't my best playing; I was getting really distracted feeding off the energy of the crowd, but it was still a good performance.)

This was my first time having a full set of mics on my drums. I love being able to hear how they sound mic'd up so I can adjust the tuning of the toms to sound better next time. The kick drum sounded phenomenal. The sound tech did an awesome job despite us playing second to last after he'd already mixed 8 other bands from every other genre.

Anyway, if you like what ya hear check us out on Facebook! There's links to an album they recorded before I replaced the original drummer if you want more sounds. (choose your price/free)

Thanks guys!


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I dig! Good singer, too. Couldn't really see you in the video, but the camera is pointed at the lady with the tiny shorts, so I think we'll let it slide.