Just picked up this DW Collectors Series 6.5 x 14 Exotic Paldao over Maple.


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My very favorite snare is a 1964 Gretsch Round Badge 5 & 1/2 by 14 with the crappy renown strainer. That strainer is a pain in the butt, often slipping when I really dig into the drum... but the tone... I've looked closely at the shell many times - it's just a really good one, with beautiful bearing edges that are just right; not too sharp, not too round. I've played lots of RB snares. Some blow me away, some don't. For whatever reason, this one is special. I've heard a lot of people say Gretsch isn't really known for their snares like other companies... I love em!


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I just purchased this dw thin rolled aluminum snare, which I think will replace my black beauty as my all purpose snare. The finish isn't the prettiest but the sound fits right perfectly between a metal snare and wood snare, and is extremely versatile, plus I love DW's mag throw off and 3 position butt plate.


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Just waiting for brand New Tama Starphonic aluminium to come. I tried to Play on this snare last Saturday and after many suggestions given by members of this forum I decide to get one .
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Jennifer Leijen

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Here's my Canopus Zelkova.

I think my message got lost during the forums changeover to the new forum. I really like this snaredrum, beautiful! I think it sounds just as good as it looks?

I recently got myself the Sonor GH signature snare. Very versatile and the sound is fantastic. I’m blown away by the sound of my rimclicks on the S hoop. It came with 3 different strainers in a cool box, 3 dampening rings (one with numbers on it for tuning, very useful), 2 drumkeys and a purple Harcase.

I like to play the snaredrum with my fingertips sometimes and I can’t believe the difference in volume to my other snaredrum when playing like that.



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Why have I waited so long to get an aluminum snare? I recently got a Recording Custom 6.5x14 and it quickly became my favorite. I love the dryness, the articulation, and the overtones, such as they are. With the die-cast hoops it comes with, rim clicks are fabulous. What a great drum!

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Though I have quite a few snares now, except for special situations, I've always enjoyed having a main one that sort of does everything for me. I have the old Colaiuta sig and also been using the old hammered brass he used for a long time. Nothing uniqur I guess, but this new one sort of fits right inbetween those other two and this combo is what I've been plaing for the most part since I got them around Christmas.


There really isn't that many other drums I feel that much need for. The one that stands out is an AK 4x14 Copper. Adding in a few more Gretsch 5x14 options like bell brass, steel and aluminum would realy fill in all the gaps.
I've swapped about a dozen snares over the years. Pretty unnecessary but at least I always bought used ones at low prices and sold what I liked less. I can recommend these a lot if you're looking for good used snares for about $100 to $250: Tama SLP Classic Maple 14x5, Tama Artstar ES Brass 14x6.5, Sonor D454.
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After learning a lot on a Pearl EX snare and. later, a Pearl Short Fuse side snare as a main, but I finally got a decent (imo) main snare drum...
It's a Yamaha Tour Custom Maple 14x5.5, and I like it a lot. :)
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I have been very pleased with my Angel drums 14x6 ash snare. Sounds killer with tons of body yet a very pleasing crack. Will attach a short video clip of it for you to check it out. Got it on sale, so the price was much lower than the usual one they go for.
Ash Snare
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Stefan Brodsky

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Depends on the sound you're looking for. About 2 years ago, got a deal ($325/US) on a used 2009 Tama Stewart Copeland chrome over brass 5.5" x 14". It's beefy-the shell is thicker than a Ludwig Supraphonic, but it kicks ass. I've seen newer ones that are a bit higher in price. Definitely look it up on the 'net and sample the sound, as I did. Glad I made the purchase. My other snare is a Pearl Masters Maple, same size. Got a deal on that one as well ($225/US) brand new in 2010. Love it as well.