The gig last night


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So my band hosted an "8 live act" gig last night. We closed the show. It was held at the Earth n Us Urban Farm in Miami. All the bands used my PA system, my drums (4 other drummers used my kit), mic's, amps, lights etc etc....

I got there early to set up and that took over 2 hours. The deal was this.....we set up and then do 2 warm up tunes to get dialed in then the first act opens....a duo.

I was not even done setting up and they were up on stage in the way looking to plug in etc. I was not rude but had to ask them to hold on until we warm up and THEN we will do everything for you. We accommodated 7 other live acts with changing the vocal mics, plugging, unplugging shifting etc etc. The drummers were gracious and I got to hear my kit all tuned and mic'd up by some really great players. If you EVER have a chance to have another drummer play your kit while you it!

The guitar player in one of the bands was asking me to move the 88 key Yamaha because it would be in his way. I simply told him "no" and that he could move forward more instead of back where the keys were.

Overall great gig and the bands were tight and nobody was a pain to deal with. Kudos to me and my band, I suppose. We started at 5:00 PM and I got home after we packed out at 1:30 AM.