The First Kit You Got


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My first kit was a Penncrest tiger striped kit like this. Crappy thin cymbals and hats that would turn inside out if you hit them too hard. The "L" shaped bass drum mounted cymbal stand would often come loose and fall over. I used to borrow cymbals to play gigs and record. After moving on, they stayed down in my dad's basement for years. Finally, my brother gave them to a coworker's little boys. They were like gold to those kids. Sometimes I wish I had them back.



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These are my first drums. Bought X-mas of '95 at Strings and Things in Memphis, Tenn. My kit was a Sunlite from Taiwan. Drums weren't too bad, decent steel snare with cheap strainer. but the hi hat and bass pedal were awful. The bass pedal it came with was one thin strip of metal held on by a single tiny wing screw that also tightened to the hoop. The cam and beater was one unit and it came loose and moved from side to side. I replaced it with the Gibraltar Prowler pedal pictured here. Then the spring in the hit hat broke right before I was to play at my friend's church. I just played closed hats thank you not so much! haha.. so I replaced it with a cheap one from the house brand for Cascio Interstate music. That was my go to catalog before Musician's Friends expanded. The stands were thin and wobbly, the snare stand was very risky dink. It was like a low tech sixties design but new.. very cheap and unstable. I spent was too much time messing with it always readjusting the snare back in place. For the longest time it had Remo Pinstripe heads on it. I had bought some hockey grip tape for my sticks, that I really used to repair broken ones that had split and was too poor to replace. No budget in my allowance! My friend Ragan decided to put this tape all over my heads to get a "Metallica drum sound" he had heard. I told him was probably some muffling and studio trickery. Damage was done though, thanks Ragan! ha.. A bit later I pulled the tape off and it left strips of residue everywhere. I finally years later replaced those heads to sell it it and was bummed to hear them sound so good after all that. But I had a brand new Mapex kit at the time so I was not that bummed. I did manage to wreck the snare drum though. Long story short, you guys all know that high pitched funky snare sounds were the thing in the mid '90's. RHCP, the Spin Doctors, Matt Chamberlain on the Wallflowers "Bringing Down The Horse". One day fooling around with my snare, I decided to crank that sucker up tight. It sounded good. But I figured stupidly, why not crank it more? So I cranked it all the way up. Too tight. Cross threaded three of the tension rods into the lug nuts on a six lug snare. Dad was pissed, and we found much to our chagrin you can't just buy tension rods at the hardware store. Found the tiny local mom and pop shop had some for sale. He then took it and me down to the Memphis Drum Shop and they took apart my drums, replaced the nuts and new rods and showed me how to PROPERLY tune it. lol.. lesson learned!


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A lot of first kits noted on this thread were MIJ stencil kits. Mine, too. A sorta sparkle tiger stripe wrap. It was in the 60's. I have no idea what brand. The heads were used when I got them and I never changed them. Back then I wasn't as OCD about such things. My snare was a nice Acrolite I got new several years earlier as a Christmas present from parents. Never changed heads on it for 10 years lol.