The effect of bass drum hoops on tuning / sound


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Hi all,

About 4 1/2 years ago, I purchased a birch Tama Starclassic Performer. At the time of the purchase, the batter side bass drum hoop had some damage at its seam. Unfortunately, the problem has worsened significantly over time, to the point where I need to consider replacing the damaged hoop.

Of course, as many of you are aware, Tama no longer produces all-birch Starclassic Performer shells. So it seems likely that trying to get a replacement from the same model of kit will be exorbitantly expensive, if not impossible. (I've kept my eye on different gear sources for awhile to see if one might become available, to no avail.) A possible solution would be to purchase a more affordable generic hoop, but it will be a different wood and thickness from the previous hoop, not to mention the rest of the kit. I'm not too worried about cosmetics; if the replacement hoop looks truly awful, I can always purchase a very small amount of custom wrap in the same pattern as the actual wraps on my drums. (As far as I can tell, Tama no longer produces anything with the Charcoal Silk finish.)

So my personal question is: will replacing a 7-ply, 7 mm birch hoop with an 8-ply maple hoop make any discernible difference when it comes to the sound of the drum? Or, more generally, does anyone know much about what effects bass drum hoops have on the drum's timbre?
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Sorry for the bump, but I really hoped someone might know -- do different bass drum hoops have a noticeable effect on the drum's sound?


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If you're talking just about the hoop of a bass drum, no it shouldn't make much of a difference like it might with a snare or tom. The beater is stiking the head nowhere near the hoop. The hoop of BD is functioning to tighten the head more so than to effect the tone. As long as you are using wood hoops, it shouldn't matter much whether its birch or maple, or the exact number of plies, in my opinion.