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Hi all

My name's Tom. I'm the editor of a free, independent, online drum magazine called The Drummer's Journal. I'm posting because I thought some of you may be interested to know we've just released Issue Two.

I'm consciously aware of the inherently spammy nature of this post for which I apologise. However, we'd really like to know your thoughts about the magazine - both good and bad. We're always open to contributions too, and enjoy hearing from people interested in writing something.

We started the magazine because, in all honesty, we felt that some of the more widely read journalism about drums and drummers was becoming a bit dull and often quite repetitive, with little true substance. We wanted to help change this, and offer something that was engaging and hopefully, thought provoking too. Opinions are important, so this is why we'd like to hear yours - trolls 'n all.

Enough of my rambling! If you fancy a look, Issue Two (as well as Issue One) is available to download at:



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Nicely done. Straight to the point & attractively laid out. Nice balance of material too. Good luck, Andy.


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I have read issues 1 and 2 over the last weeks on and off and this is just fantastic stuff. Everything from crude/crass honest talk to some of the most advanced descriptions of peoples relationships with the drums I have ever heard and way beyond what I have imagined.

Worth a read for any drummer just to see what the interviewee's are saying or to expand your view of drumming as a whole. Free doesnt hurt either.

Thank you for putting together such a fascinating journal/magazine, what is it?

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Excellent! Man, that thing looks like a shit-ton of work.
I produced an indie mag. People don't realize the amount of effort and time it takes to do something that looks that good.