The drummer list


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Got this from a buddy & it's a ranking of 70 players over the years. a long read, but'll make you look like you're working! :LOL:


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I'm a sucker, I clicked too.

Peart in the back of the line with Bozzio and Cobham at 60-something, Danny Carey 50s, Buddy and Tony in the 30s, Vinnie at 45, Gadd didn't even make the top 15....Then Chad Smith, Steven Adler, Cindy Blackman and Travis Barker before all these players?! Ooffph...this is not even addressing a long list of big names who didn't even make the list like Roy Haynes, Philly Joe, Papa Jo, Weckl, Simon Phillips, Dennis Chambers, Blakey, Carl Palmer, Max Roach, Louie Bellson, pioneer early jazz like Davey Tough & Shadow Wilson, pretty much every modern day technical monster 🤣

But cool some lesser known players get some credit....admittedly some players I didn't even know.


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Sucker here as well. Cobham way down in the 60's? Not as highly ranked as Rudd or Fletcher? I'm stopping at 51. Not worth my time.


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anyone get to number 1? i aint going to read that list xD


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Classic click-bait, I stopped at Cozy Powell.

Best-of lists are impossible to please everyone. Far too subjective and usually biased by the age of the compiler/responders.


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didn't even click...I read 45 Greatest Drummers, but "saw" 45 most recognizable/popular drummers"

I have my own list in my head, so I don't need any outside help ;)

that list probably looks like what my list of "45 Best Basketball players ever" would look like


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A lot of the drummers mentioned are in bands that I don't care for and the few songs that I recognize from them I couldn't tell you what the drum parts are... just because someone is popular it doesn't make him good...


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The world is so saturated I think people just make up list or stories- just like I do but I don’t publish the rubbish or call it journalism.


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Without considering the order, I think the majority of us could guess at least 30-40 of these without looking.

I don't read "the best..." lists anymore whenever it comes to any sort of art if I can help it. My favorites will never be in the top 20, and if I made a list, it would only tick people off because I'm quirky. I'd be more likely to pick some of my favorite songs and then go google who played drums on it as opposed to already knowing the drummer by name.


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I don't read "the best..." lists anymore whenever it comes to any sort of art if I can help it.
Not just art anymore. I looked up "best string trimmer line" the other day and got a dozen different responses. Each "best" fell under parameters set by the author, and the grading of said product went the same way. There was no consistency whatsoever, other than it being string trimmer line.

Drummer lists are the same. If I was to make one, my #1 sure wouldn't be Bonham, rather some metal guy almost no one has heard of.


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What's the best colour of all-time?

That's what these ridiculous polls try to rank. (n)

Music is inherently subjective and a matter of deeply personal expression. It's not something that can be sorted or rated.