The difference between Evans G1 coated & G2 coated is


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...freakin unreal on the 10 & 12" rack toms. So glad I made the switch to the single ply. I cautiously stayed with the coating, but felt the 2 plys were really holding back a lot of juice from the drum sound, and I was right! I still keep a G2 coated on the 16x16, because it sounds so good, no complaints there- but man I just had to post about it, fresh head day is nice, and the drums sound great!
Drums are early 2000s Yama Tour Customs.
Evans haters don't be comin round here!;)


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I've read before that some like 1 ply coated heads on the toms and 2 ply coated heads on the floor toms. Had coated G2's before and totally loved them on the floor toms, but never got a good sound out of my toms. Wish i had tried this back then!


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When I was starting out, I enjoyed the durability, thuddiness, and rumble of a 2-ply head. My tastes have changed to appreciate being able to draw the tone out of a single-ply head. It’s like when I started playing guitar, and I wanted the loudest, chunkiest, messiest distortion I could get. Now, I’m drawn to the pleasing sounds and expressive nature of a creamy overdrive from a small(er) tube amp.


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Clear G1 on my toms : from 10 to 16 ! I like the bite of clear single ply heads. Only trouble would be durability.


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Single ply clear is the sound I like best with toms. All my toms sport 'em

Bigger toms are OK with 2 ply heads, but anything less than 14" gets single ply clear top and bottom in my house.


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Great idea! Gonna try this. My 12" Gretsch Renown rack isn't quite singing as I'd like it.
On my former gretsch renown 57, clear single ply didn’t make it. But coated G1 were great on 10 12 16.