The deal of the year


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Matching snare is missing, or on another reverb listing for another $200k 🙄…otherwise, the deal of the century.

I’m going to guess the top of the bass drum will most likely test positive for coke. Or even one point in time there were bricks of cocaine as the bass drum muffler.


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I wouldn’t pay 350 for this pile, surprised donnn bennnettt isn’t selling it.


This is almost as bad as the idiot in Florida who is selling a beat up 60's Ludwig set that is dirty, nasty, rusty, missing parts, has modifications, and has the rack tom mounted on the bass drum backwards. He's only asking $1500 firm for a set that's worth half that much at best. I am constantly amazed at the know-nothings online asking ridiculous amounts of money for drums.

1 hit wonder

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If the music exec's hadn't steered popular Rock into the ditch, then G&R wouldn't have been so huge. They also weren't as influential as the ground breaking bands of the 60s and 70s, ones that had much better musicianship.