The cool wife award

My wife got me the GK ultra phones for Christmas and was a little annoyed when she said I guess your getting keyscape for my birthday just for mentioning I'd like to pick it up and get a midi controller.
I'll admit that I did have a Santa list. Still, a pair of Rode M5 overheads w/ 20 ft cables was pretty darn nice Christmas gift! Wife = very cool. Never bats an eye when I tell her another kit's arrival is imminent. A few eye rolls maybe. (y)
Message to Bo's wife:

He already has a double bass pedal, meaning there is absolutely no need for a second bass drum or bass drum mic. There is absolutely no need for the second bass drum other than your husband desperately trying to cling to "coolness". He's a little boy in a man's body who just wants another toy. But... You a ready knew that.