The continuing decline of Rolling Stone "magazine."


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I'm always curious about "best of" type articles because no one ever agrees 100% w/ the lists, yet usually the lists usually have a variety, reasoning as to why things made the list, and usually have several people in the industry contributing to the discussion.

So when an "article" (I use the term loosely) popped up in my feed about "The Best Bass Drums," I thought, "sure, I'll give it a read." -as a side note, I recently watched Rick Beato's bass drum video and was curious about overlap or potential similarities.

This is said article from Rolling Stone:

No big spoilers here, but they list only 2 bass drums, 1 bass drum head, and have input from only 1 drummer. And in the article, the author mentions they'll focus on the type of bass drums in a rock band situation. You're going to be surprised by one of the "best bass drum" selections they have that fits that description.

Seriously, I haven't expected a lot from RS in a long time and this is nothing more than an advertisement. I get it, even the article link is under "product recommendations." And I'm fully aware that by me posting the link to their advertisement and anyone clicking it will increase their potential ad revenue -which is obviously what they're doing. I don't care, I'm still going to be grumpy about RS being a rag anymore. Now, get those damn kids off my lawn.


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This is the best line in the article:

"You’ll also want to find a grippy and fluid foot pedal if your drum kit doesn’t come with one."

The article insinuates that a bass drum is an individual purchase. This being the case, why would a drum kit come with a pedal but no bass drum?

What if I like a slick pedal instead of grippy? I must be doing it wrong ☹. Thanks RS, I'll get right on that!

I was never really a fan of RS. I'd rather read MD. Or some other instrument centric mag. At least then I might learn something useful.


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Let it go.

I know it’s hard... RS was in many music lovers veins. And for some it can be difficult to erase it from memories.
Ya just got go cold turkey.
Our news online and television is full of click bait.

I had a rather difficult time moving away from The Today Show. It was an easy and especially LAZY way for me to go. I had to consciously not automatically go there.

But once you cut the umbilical cord to your old ways, it’s really freeing and much easier to recognize.

Ok, my soapbox is done


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Well the RS was a hippie magazine with political commentary by ole Hunter S Thompson in its day. Had a great appeal to speak to a generation. But like all good things come to an end as folks died, they grew out of hippie to let's make a lot of money, and the magazine didn't transcend generations to maintain their appeal. Seems all journalism is following a similar path of losing credibility.

Jeremy Bender

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A one page story of a few items with links to purchase? Well at least they complied with disclosing the fact that there would be compensation if purchases were made though those links.

Yet another example of a creative revenue stream as a result of a changing demand in media hastened by the death of journalism.