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NYC drummers!

I'm moving, and have a few things that need new homes.

First up - a Taye GoKit bass drum, with a bunch of extra goodies.
18" x 7.5", white marine pearl wrap, in very good cosmetic shape.
Includes the following items:
• Remo Silentstroke drumhead
• Aquarian Super-Pad dampener / practice pad
• DDrum Red Shot bass drum trigger
• Taye mounting attachment with an additional Yamaha clamp attached (see photo)
• Mapex bass drum riser
• a gig bag

I used this drum primarily for practice and some recording; the Silentstroke / Red Shot combo makes for a great feeling kick drum trigger.


Next up - a highly modified floor tom to bass drum conversion.

NYC street / mobile drummers - this one is for you!

The shell is a 70’s era Rodgers “big R” 16 x 16 floor tom, which has been retrofitted with a top-mounted cymbal holder, Yamaha bass drum legs, and a set of Yamaha quick-release lugs (on the front side), which allow for easily popping the head and rim off, allowing you to utilize the interior of the drum for storage during travel.
It’s also got a Pearl kick pedal riser, which works great.
The SKB hard case is also included.

It might not be the prettiest drum you’ve ever seen, but it sounds great, and is perfectly set up for easy transport around the city.


And finally - my stash of drumheads.

I haven't had the chance to go through this box thoroughly, but there are approximately 30-40 heads in here.
A few of them are brand new, most of them are lightly used and totally fine, and a few of them are pretty beat up.
Sizes ranger from 8" up to 16", brands include Remo, Evans, and Aquarian. I'd say that about two thirds of them are tom heads, and the rest are snare heads, but I'm not certain.

Here's a picture:


One last thing I don't have pictures of that might also be of interest -
I built a 4 x 4 vibration isolation platform, which works amazingly well. It's comprised of two pieces of heavy 3/4" MDF, several tennis balls in between, and some foam rubber mats. Used it for years in several apartments with ZERO complaints from any neighbors.
It weighs a ton, and I'd hate to have to just throw it away.

I am extremely flexible on the pricing of this stuff, and very inclined to give you a screaming deal if you come and take all of this stuff as one big bunch. :)

Feel free to email me at to get the ball rolling.

thanks for reading, and happy new year to everyone!

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Got a couple Samson Q Kick bass drum mics for sale.
Both in good shape and used as Floor Tom mics in my studio.
One of them includes a hard shell case.
$65 w/ Case
$55 w/out Case