The Christmas Quiz :)

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Here's a little quiz for you guys and gals.

It's a very simple quiz, there's an anomaly in this advert from Tama, with the great Elvin Jones holding a signature snare, taken from a catalog dated 1986, the younger drummers needs not to worry though, just have a sharp eye. Good luck...

The answer on boxing day :)




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I like how if you want to read the details of that ad, you'll have to stare at Elvin's crotch.


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It appears that Elvin is VERY happy with his snare,and he seems to be rising to the occasion.Mrs.Jones declined to comment, but was all smiles when asked about her husbands new toy,she started singing "Sweet mystery of Life,I have Found You".:)

Steve B


"Uncle Larry"
I found a typo...they misspelled dimension. They printed dimention. I'm guessing that isn't it. Why the reference to younger players Henri? Hmmm. I found the more I read the words..."major influence" the more Elvin seems to smile. Elvin is a Pisces too I take it. Are they a pair of turgans hanging from his neck?


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Hmm...the only thing I noticed is the snare he is holding looks kinda different then the one in the pic.

Anon La Ply

He's a Virgo but is wearing a Pisces necklace.

The drums look to be different colours but that's probably just the light.

The material behind the drum insert picture has not been ironed.

They whited out Elvin's nether regions.

The stylised slanted grey bar appears to be a design error - would have looked better if it was black with clean lines.

In other words - I have no idea.


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It is really obvious. My only question is why? I think the one in the insert looks right, to other one looks ridiculous.

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Here we go, it’s Boxing Day, all is revealed :)

It was an easy quiz to be honest, the snare in Elvin’s hand has die-cast brass hoop top and bottom, while the snare in the insert pic and the text advertise brass mighty hoops, so the die-cast hoops are the anomaly in the advert, but lets see some of the replies, lol

@ Gruntersdad – You nearly nailed it Grunt, however, the hoops in the insert picture ARE the mighty hoops indeed, so sorry, wrong answer :)

@ Dr Watso – You like the fact that you have to look at Elvin’s crotch to read the advert, mmmh, strange taste Doc, but it takes every kind to make a world :)

@ tamadr – Steve, you’re nearly as obsessed as Dr Watso, but in the right way :)

@ larryace – Uncle Larry, you’ve got a bonus point for spelling, but it’s not what we’re looking for, and you score another point for the turgans lol (see new pic)

@ Otto – Otto, wrong answer too, the aliens have already abducted one of our member back in May this year, and they said “never again!!!”, it was Pollyanna and they had to drop her even before they left our atmosphere, but nice eyes man, you spotted the UFO tough!

@ kafkapenguin - Coincidence? Certainly not, I was reading your mind when I uploaded this thread.

@ Mighty_Joker - Jonathan, take off your sunglasses, you’ll see, it’s very enlightening :)

@ Bad Tempered Clavier – BTC, it’s a nice suggestion, but unfortunately, it’s not the anomaly we’re looking for.

@ Anon La Ply - Grea, no it’s not the lightning, it’s not the ironing (aah, the woman thought, lol), neither the nether regions nor the stylised slanted grey bar, in other words - all wrong answers :)

@ eclipseownzu - Why? …I’m afraid you’ll have to ask Tama...

Right, now the almost correct answers…

@ BabyBob - BB, if only you could have been more precise, but you were on the right track, hoopefully :=

@ Oldenuf – You’re right, but the quiz was about spotting the anomaly, not quoting Elvin’s preferences, so sorry :)

@ keep it simple – Andy, it’s obvious that between your subliminal messages hidden within your posts that you’ve got it straight away, but you agree it wasn’t a straight answer, furthermore, Dunc was quicker, lol.

And finally, the winner ;-)

@ BacteriumFendYoke – Duncan, you were the first one to reply, and the first one to get it right, so you’re the winner, do you want a title for that? Lol.

Here’s Duncan’s PM…

“Die-cast hoop on the batter of Elvin’s snare drum… err, make that both sides of the drum.

What do I win?

Happy secular mid-winter festivities!”

As you know Dunc, the next round of beer next time we meet is on me, strong porter and stout it is then… :)

Thanks for chiming in guys and gal and happy new year :)



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I think someone has way too much time on their hands....just saying :)
Mary... I live here :)

... but this thread took maybe 15-20 minutes of my time? So yes I do have a lot of time on my hands, lol.

I call foul! I was the first person to post the answer. Duncan's secret ballot should not count! :)
If I didn't count Duncan's secret ballot, Andy would have won, because...

Elvin likes to use the Bell Brass hoops instead of the pictured Mighty triple flanged hoops! :)
... your post (above) state that Elvin liked to use the bell brass hoop, you didn't say it was the anomaly in the advert, it's not the same, do you agree?


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Not too much time on my hands, it only took me a minute or so of intense staring.

No, Mary's right. I definitely have too much time on my hands. Regarding the secret ballot, I simply didn't want to ruin it for everyone else!

I look forward to inebriation with my friend, Henri.