The Blizzard of 2010


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Storms like that make me miss living in Northern Canada...I loved those big snow storms, I just did not like the shoveling part of the events! Everyone keep warm...Abe those pics your wife took are great and your nieces' stop motion is nice to see as well...I have gone through some whiteouts that were stuff.


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The Blizzard in 3.5 Minutes;
a stop motion video made by my niece-
That video was GREAT...I ve often pondered thoughts like "What if I was a cat?" or "It must suck to be a gerbil... or hamster."

For the last year or so, I ve been watching this mangly shrub/bush/tree grow from an ugly little thing in the ground- festering and feeding on Pine Barren dirt and barely surviving... to suddenly doubling in size and looking nice enough to be in a landscaping flyer.

Then the snow fell. Like in the video it just flattened out, but the weight of the snow broke too many branches and it had to be replaced. This thing went from 5 ft tall to about 10 inches of mush.

Oh well.... I m just glad I m not a bush, especially in a snowstorm.

Cool video though. I happened to be listening to "To Be Over" from Yes' Relayer album...
It fit well LOL