The BLACK thread

Jasta 11

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The only new kit I ever bought was black. The choices were limited to Black, Wine red and i think white. Wine red is the worst color ever yet it still lives on.


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I like black kits too. My Sonor SQ1 is matte black and my Sonor Vintage Series are satin black stain. They look very classy, in my opinion. And most of my snares are black. But I think my next kit will be white sparkle.
Interesting - I was having the same thoughts- white sparkle gets you noticed on stage for sure . A friend of mine recently picked up an SQ2 kit in white sparkle lacquer and it is gorgeous .


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Very nice Tama Star finish indeed. Is it new ? Transparent black was fashionable during the late 90's, early 2000's. IMO this is timeless.


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I have a black Gretsch and love the color because it goes with anything. I'm not a fan of wraps nor "Frankenstein" kits where everything is hodgepodge. I like a uniform color & black is easy to achieve even if the shell is an add-on.
That being said, more colors go well with black than others will. So if you're into the Frankenstein look, use it as the base & go from there.


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So even gloss black on Gadds Recording Customs look Exportish? I think the blacks are different. If I see wine red I think “Exports”.
Oh and no - I don't think black recording customs are particularly pretty drums despite Steve Gadd playing them.

I especially dislike those long connected lugs - that why I was stoked on the Yamaha Maple Customs when they came out and had the more transparent black finish and gold lugs. RCs sound great for sure - I was with Yamaha for nearly a decade but always played the MCs.

Darth Vater

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Just curious, why did you sell it?
I had just dropped a good chunk of money on my Prolites and the two kits were kind of redundant construction wise what with both being thin shell Maple. At the time it made sense to get back some of the dough I had put out for the Prolites. I don't regret it as I love my Prolites but I'm here to tell you that Black Widow kit was a REALLY NICE KIT! It's a shame they didn't expand that model with maybe some other finishes and/or sizes. :unsure: