The Black Page #1


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Man, that $*&% is not easy! Awesome! Hard to appreciate without the notation in front of me, though. Do you have a copy?

I seem to remember more toms for some reason, but cool to see it done on a four-piece!


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Hey guys, thank you very much!!

I obviously arranged the parts for my 4 four piece drum kit. I thought it was cool to play with two toms unlike Terry Bozzio did. And also because thats also the kit I'm used to play on.

Here's a chart I found that seems to be correct:

The last fill is pretty much whats written on the drum part. The first bit in 11 was arranged in a some kind of linear drum fill. Mostly one on one I call them, meaning one hand one kick. À la Steve Smith/Vinnie Colaiuta but in 11.

The second 11 fill is still pretty much the same as written on the chart except that I switch a kick drum note for a floor tom because I would have needed a double pedal to pull it off since its crazy fast.

Hope this helps, if you got any other questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you!!



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I did this for my Senior recital drumset piece in College.

One good way to learn it is to write out the entire piece as a snare solo fist...then get yourself comfortable "feeling" the odd groupings. I also listened to Bozzio's Live in New York version alot. Then lock into the quarter note with your high hat. I still have my original copy of the sheet music at home. I remember I did this piece along wiht Mayzumi marimba concerto, die zwitzermachine, and Four pieces for Timpani by took a year of working on that stuff to get it all ready with a full courseload.

I think I might have to relearn this one. The ending figures were always the toughest part.