The Birthday Project is done


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This is my son's 11th Birthday present. He didn't ask for anything like this, but he did play on a pad for almost a year before he even mentioned he'd like drums, so we got him a drum set for his birthday. I build the combination Lego table and framed drum area to try and make the most of the area, and to give me something to hang/rest the sound absorbing panels on.

The panels are just wood frames packed with rock wool and wrapped in felt. I may have gone overboard with them, but the room sounds so much better with them up. Just a side snare was impossibly reverberant and painful without the panels. The blue hinged panels behind the bass drum are actually filled with two of the 3" thickness sound absorbent rock wool sheets that were packed down to fit in a 4" thick frame. They work very well as a bass absorber even though it's not in a a corner.



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So much to take in there- what a great gift- Has he seen it?

What a great dad- nice work. My son is into legos and drums bigtime too.


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That's a very cool gift. Getting drums is cool enough but to also get a "recording room" and a lego table is just awesome.

But, I think you might to reinforce the top of those top pads. I know that him or one of his friends is going to try and climb up there. I know I would.

Great job


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Like the screen name.
My son saw me starting the frame and table before his birthday, but didn't expect to get drums until next year. He was very surprised to get them on his birthday which was actually a couple of weeks ago.

why the wood plank under the kick pedal ?
Gvdadrummasum, you have a good eye. The board is because I'm an idiot. I bought the pedal to make him a practice kick drum pad after I won the hi-hat on eBay, and when I expected it to be a few months before we bought him drums. Figured he could practice on a side snare, hi hat, and practice bass pad. I mounted the pedal to that board you see, and screwed and braced a padded 2x4 in front of it to simulate the bass drum head. To mount the pedal to the board, I had to take out the original screws and use longer ones that went through the board. I can't take the board off because I lost the short screws.

I've thought about that. My son has been warned to keep his friends off the frame. Do you think they'd grab the pads, or the 2x4? The pads are just resting up there. The 2x4's would hold a kid's weight, especially at the ends where they might be able to reach them, but I do worry they could pull the frame down sideways and get smacked in the face by the falling panels or the top 2x4s. The Lego table side is deeper than the back end and adds stability, but maybe I should widen the back part near the floor too. Thanks.