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To the list, we also added Marian McPartland yesterday.

Her show is an institution for people interested in the genre. Hopefully Bill Charlap continues on with it.


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What is sad is that now we are losing a generation of players who grew up in the music and with the people around the music and not in the present day information/digital age where 'access' came so easy and remotely, almost in a vaccum.

To learn and imbibe, without paying the dues or living the life.

Thats probably why a lot of the older gen talks about people not having their own voices thesedays. They can all play, with superior technique than the generations past....... but they dont seem to have their own voice- As Colltrane did. Or Miles, or Mingus, or Monk, or Zawinul... who had to figure the stuff out for themselves, and in that search and quest they became the musicians they did.

This is a vast generalization of course, but its a strong feeling amongst the older guys.

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At 65 maybe I'm getting to be one of the older guys..not sure yet, but I know I hear a lot of
younger jazz musicians that have technique in spades but often without heart and soul. For me if the heart isn't there, I don't care about the rest. This is a generalization. Of course there are younger players with great heart etc and there were older cats with monster technique.