The Big Beat


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I don't know if anyone here had a chance to go, surely so. This was my first experience with The Big Beat. I went to the Tulsa venue held at an arena at Tulsa Union HS. Spent the whole day there. Met a lot of nice drummers and got to play with aprox 280 kits going simultaniously. A real blast!

One of the more unusual kits.

Big Beat 003.jpg

Pic of most of the group

Big Beat 012.jpg

My kit. Can you find it in the above pic ala Where's Waldo?

Big Beat 014.jpg

One of the younger players there. Yes, they start them early.

Big Beat 016.jpg


cool, hopefully you were all playing the same beat.. If so what was it?


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We played several beats. One was "We Will Rock You" and another was a standard rock beat. There were others, all were started from the stage and for the most part all 280+- drummers were on the same beat. Cool!


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I was supposed to do this in Ft Lauderdale. Band rehearsal trumped it! On top of that it was outside and very cold for S Fla!