The best trading fours

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Hi fellow friends of jazz:

What drummers or albums do you suggest for best trading fours/eights etc?
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Yeah, agree with both of them!

Other than that I enjoy listening to Bill Stewart, Gary Novak (don't know much trading stuff by him though), Jeff Hamilton (groove and wit), or also Dave Weckl, Vinnie, Steve Smith.

On the educational side, I'd like to improve my own abilities of playing meaningful and exciting solos in jazz context. I hoped anyone could suggest some ideas and tipps how to go there? Listening-wise there are so many drummers and recordings that I find it difficult choosing some to really gain a lot conceptually. Mostly I don't like to just transcribe something and imitate it, unless it's of more use to me than that.
Does anyone have some ideas? Maybe from personal learning experience?

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Yes :). Meaning 4 bars of a soloist (other than drummer), then 4 bars drums on their own, and so forth. All the way through the form of the tune.


I am also interested in this, the only time I've done 'trading fours' is when there's an open percussion solo in a song and the professor is too lazy to think of anything else.

All in all I'd much rather start with a different soloist then have an open solo myself so I'm not so constricted in terms of space and time


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Two albums come to mind:

1. Rich Vs. Roach--you get to hear two master drummers trading fours. It's pretty cool.

2. Giant Steps (also known as "Lionel Hampton Presents Buddy Rich")--Buddy Rich trading fours with Lionel Hampton and the percussionist (who I can't recall the name of at the moment) is ALSO very cool...


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Anything with Philly Joe Jones. Miles Davis' Milestones has some classic PJJ stuff on it.