The best feeling in the world...


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Yeah, I know the feeling. Right when it just fits perfectly into the song. You know Led Zeppelin's the Song Remains The Same? There's this killer fill at 4:05 that just feels awesome to hit perfectly. Actually, same with all the fills in that song.

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I know exactly what you mean. Its especially great when you are playing it live during a drum break.
It is the best feeling in the world.


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I know what you mean, man! I just figured out the fill at 4:33 of "One With Everything" by Styx (well, for the most part) and every time I play it right I feel like the man- same with that drum break at 5:01 in "Fear of a Blank Planet" by Porcupine Tree. I'm inching my way towards the greatness of Todd Sucherman and Gavin Harrison, one fill at a time... :D


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my band ended our show last night with an original song that has a tough lick at the very end i wrote but couldn't play cleanly for an embarrassingly long time. last night we finished our show with that song. i nailed the ending, and immediately afterward a huge chorus of screams from the crowd just about knocked me over backwards. THAT was the best feeling in the world!


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One of the bands that I play with does the old Ventures tune, "Wipeout". It seems like a simple song until you try to play it out. For some unknown reason I usually make one or two mis-hits during a performance. The other night at a gig I played it perfectly! It really felt great. I find that sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest.