The best drums for tuning high without choking?


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That first one seemed pretty high to me? The second was just outstanding to my taste. Was it just different heads same tuning or different tuning?
Ok, put my glasses on and watched again. Different heads and tuning. Man, those kits are legendary.
The first example is fairly high, but in those sizes, that kit is capable of going much higher, & still sounding open + satisfying. At the first tuning, I like the tonal articulation it offers, and still with depth, but without the lower end frequencies that get in the way in many music forms. These drums are exceptionally clean in their fundamental delivery, and that allows a lot of tuning scope with very defined notes that separate nicely, even in a very thick mix.

The 2nd tuning is default "general purpose" in those sizes for me. They're small drums, & IMHO, should sound like small drums with a full tonal delivery.