The Beer Thread


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I noticed some discussion in the "would you burn your drums" thread about regional/micro beer. How bout a thread where we discuss, share and review our favorite/least favorite beers?

I tend to like ales more than lagers. I'm not terribly picky, but I've grown to like heavy hops. The best beer I've had so far was a Jai Alai IPA made by Cigar City Brewery in Tampa, FL.

Your turn!


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I like the hoppy stuff too, plus strong ales, and the good stuff from Belgium. Favorites would probably be:

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
Sierra Nevada Celebration
Chimay (the yellow/gold/tan label)
La Fin de Monde
Smuttynose IPA (the one with the 2 old dudes on the label)
Troeg's Perpetual IPA
Flying Dog Double IPA (double dog?)

Occasionally I like porters and stouts (Anchor Porter, Guiness, Maui Coconut Porter). btw, i generally hate fruity, flavored beer, but that Maui Coconut Porter is crazy good. The coconut is REALLY subtle.

I generally dislike maltier stuff like lager, brown ale, etc.


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I love beer. I'm also a hoppy-ale kinda guy.

A microbrewery that gaining some momentum here in Houston is Saint Arnold: the patron saint of beer, haha. Their Elissa IPA and Amber Ale are two of my favorites. I also enjoy Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.. hmm


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Great thread, I see this going well into the hundreds if not thousands of posts. :)

My personal beer preference depends on the day, my mood, what I'm eating and how much I plan to drink. I love trying new beers, too. If I had to pick one though, it would be a hefeweizen.

Two micro breweries here that really do a great job are Propeller and Garrison.

Propeller had a hefeweizen that was brewed with clove and banana (it tasted nothing like bananas, don't worry). For some ungodly reason, they decided to stop making it last summer...what I wouldn't give for a personal supply of that stuff...

Recently popular with Propeller has been a Double IPA, hoppy as hell and 9% if my brain remembers, big seller.

Fuo: Good choices on Chimay and Fin du Monde...nothing quite like getting a Fin in Montreal.


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Sierra Nevada is a Pale Ale mainstay. I wasn't sure if they were nationwide, though it seems that they are! I think I've only had their green label IPA, but I'm a fan. A similar but sweeter beer from Atlanta is Sweetwater 420. It's great with a meal. Has anyone tried that? I really need to have a Troegs! I've heard nothing but good things.


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Sierra Nevada is a Pale Ale mainstay. I wasn't sure if they were nationwide, though it seems that they are! I think I've only had their green label IPA, but I'm a fan. A similar but sweeter beer from Atlanta is Sweetwater 420. It's great with a meal. Has anyone tried that? I really need to have a Troegs! I've heard nothing but good things.
Yea Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (the green bottle) is probably the one gateway beer that got me into the good stuff ages ago. I've had Sweetwater 420 when I traveled for work down in SC, but I've never seen it up here (MD has HORRIBLE liquor laws so our selection isn't the greatest), i remember liking it a lot. Troegs is a PA brewery, not sure if they're nationwide.


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I always liked Bass Ale, but have discovered a local ale I like even more it's called "805" by firestone brewery, the 805 being the area code for Ventura county. I don't drink very often, so when i do buy beer. I'll spend more for quality.


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I like many of the micro brews that I've tasted in various parts of the country my wife and I have traveled to. My ultimate favorite is Dead Guy Ale.

At home I generally buy some form of Sam Adams.

In any event, I'm now trying to cut back on my 1-2 bottles per night. The pounds are catching up with me at this age now. Now just trying to settle into 5 bottles per week.


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Dont like:
Guinness or any other stout. Just too thick and heavy for me.
Budweiser. Seriously, you guys call that beer? I'm down with Millers and Coors and any other US beer I've tasted (which to be honest is not a hell of a lot)....but Bud is an abomination. Tastes like beer flavoured water to me.
Certain home brews by friends who shall remain nameless.
Anything lukewarm......honestly England, get with the program!!

Pretty much anything else......especially if it's someone else's shout.
I'm sure I'll always stumble across something that is not really to my tastes, but I can always finish it. It just may be time to change to something else for the next round. But all in all, I'm generally pretty happy just to have a long as it's ice cold.

Crown Lager
Stella Artois
Carlton Draught on tap at the pub.


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My current favorite is called Black Toad Dark Ale. I Ooly ever find it at Trader Joe's. Not really sure if it available anywhere else, it might be an exclusive to them. And it's relatively cheap for a quality beer. Dark, but not heavy.

Other favorites include
Samuel Adams
Sierra Nevada.
Red Hook.

Dislikes: Bud, Miller, Coors and most mass produced American Beers.

When it gets over 100 degrees, then it's Corona time, but not unless it's hot.

Also the house beer from Costco is surprising good.


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I'm really big on IPA myself. I also dig stouts. I really like most stuff from Flying Dog, too but it's hard to find around here.


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Patriotism aside, I have to confess, the Belgians have everyone beat to a pulp here. Leffe blonde or brune for the hop heads amongst you. Twice the strength of most beers (that's about 3,000 x the strength of Budweiser or most other commercial American beers), but it's Leffe's balance of flavours that sets it apart from almost anything else on the planet. Beautiful stuff, but don't drink too much of it.

About the only close to drinkable commercial American beer I've found is Sam Adams, although most micro breweries come up with the occasional half reasonable brew.

As for you Oz guys sir Pocket, you chill the crap out of everything because you have no concept of ales, stouts, or bitters. You're limited to largers, & most of it is so acrid it needs chilling - badly. I'll tip my hat to you upsidedownies though, at least your larger's better than most of the US commercially branded fizzy piss ;)


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Here we go:

I used to live in Lancaster, which had a fantastic local brewery. All of their beers were fantastic: Lancaster Blonde, Red, Redder and Black. Black was my favourite - it was a little like Guinness but with a much heavier burnt malt taste. That was very nice indeed.

Other beers that come to mind are Timothy Taylor, Hobgoblin (their cider, Green Goblin is great), Abbott (and Abbott Reserve) and Doom Bar. I'm sure I could name around a dozen more if my memory were serving me better.

My preference tends to be for Stouts and Porters. Darker beer is generally my preference.

Lager-wise, San Miguel and Corona are fine. Leffe Blonde is nice but lagers and cold-fermenting beers in general are not my thing. I'm all about the old-fashioned warm-fermenting ales.