The Bass drum reso head decorating thread


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Plain Jane all day for me.

If I have a drum makers front head I'll use it but usually they just have the head makers logo.

I am quite partial to the old school shield with the initials on it. You can do that yourself if you have the stencils.


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I've had several kits with just a plain ported head on the front:

Here's my PDP kit. I'm still debating if I'm going to do anything with the front head on it. I guess it depends if I ever decide to gig with it.

Here is my plain-jane Basix kit. Although these sounded pretty good (100% birch), I hated the name AND the logo, so I never did anything with these:

For my Ludwig Centennials, I went from a plain black reso head to ordering a Ludwig sticker/decal off of EvilBay for about $5.



Here's a mock-up of something I'd like to do. The band I'm in plays Americana music. This is a shout-out to our local, now-defunct racetrack:

(FYI: We had a shout-out in the latest Cars Movie. If you look at the bottom right-hand corner of this, you'll see a blurry "North Wilkesboro Speedway" logo that matches my kick drum above.)

This one has my favorite story in behind it. Early spring 2003, I bought my Pork Pies at a steal. I wanted a logo head, so the following Christmas, my wife calls Pork Pie, and Bill Detamore answers the phone. Whenever she put in the order, he said, "I'll get started on it this afternoon." So needless to say, not only do I have a custom head that Pork Pie no longer makes, it was made by Bill himself.



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Here's my bass drum head. The Remo Vintage shield. I even have the old school felt strip aligned with the vertical stripes.


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I designed my own, and had it made through

They said that mine was one of the first drum heads made with their "new direct-to-drumhead printer."



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My resos are pretty plain at the moment. My 2 Ludwig bass drums have white logo (script) heads. My Renown is the stock black logo head and my Cat Club jazz has a Fiberskyn with an offset Gretsch logo that I applied myself. That's my favorite. I trust I don't need to post pictures of all that as its fairly easy to imagine.