The bands latest single machu picchu and Madonna's 'Material Girl'


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The bands latest single and B-Side cover were released yesterday. Recorded last August at Tilehouse Studios, London and the the final songs with me as the drummer for The Amber Bugs as I depart for incoming fatherhood duties.

Finally able to share the B-Side cover of Madonnas 'Material Girl' @oldskoolsoul I know you were keen on checking this out when I mentioned it months ago. It's a bit different and I wasn't happy with my playing on towards the end but the band and the engineer didn't want to run another take (as this was the first take) so it's there, warts and all.

On here, I'm forever going on about how good my cheap Pearl Export Steel Snare sounds with a CS Dot Remo batter head and 30 strand puresound wire. On Material Girl you can finally hear this!

Had a very fun launch gig last night in London for it, today I am very hungover and aching thanks to very generous early birthday presents from friends in the form of copious amounts of shots, so go easy on me! Ha

I hope you enjoy

Photo from the session below

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I actually wanted to ask about this in the thread where you announced to quit with this band, but i forgot..

Very nice and a cool energetic vibe..

Thats what i like, a band that makes a cover a little their own..


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Got to love this Jon - great feel in this, & a real twist on the original.