The App Store and drums


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I was just wondering... Has anyone here found any useful apps on the Apple app store? I don't mean just lessons and stuff, I mean things to play along with or to create music to play along with for fun or anything 'different' and interesting. Recording/notation maybe?

I remember at drum scene live last year Steve Smith was playing along to an app on his iPod touch that looped pre recorded sounds (not drums but instruments and synths) And it sounded awesome! He did say what the app was called but I don't remember what he said. And I really want to try it...

There is a lot of apps on the app store so some people must have some ideas!


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Heartbreakers by Jason McGerr and Propellerhead is pretty cool. I know you didn't ask, but Drum Dictionary and Tempo2 are must haves IMO.


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i use and love the "iDrum" app for the iphone/ipad. it's a drum machine type of thing, but it's very easy to program and has some great sounds. i use it to program groove ideas, and to make beats i can play along to. i even once used it to come up with some beats for a producer, on my phone no less! i also use it as a fancy, ultra-programmable metronome.


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I'm not an apple fan, but I've got a few cool ones for my droid phone. The best of which is probably the vibrating metronome app. I never realized how much easier it is to internalize a physical beat instead of a click sound in your ears. There's also the beat/drum machines, and recording apps already mentioned... Once in a while I mess with the little tiny touch screen drums, but they're kinda useless really.
You should check out an app called Beatwave. It's got a really easy and unique
interface and you can make you own looping tracks and beats.


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iDrum is good. I paid 5.00 for another one and was able to do some beta testing for the developer but it turned into a flop. I lost 5.00 but was fun trying other things. I won't even post the name of the app so as not to embarrass the developer or have you take a chance on losing money. After a month or so of suggestions, nothing was changed.


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are you talking about the makers of idrum, the company izotope? they are not very responsive. they make a bunch of cool programs, but they never answer email or anything.