The almost could have should have been band


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Completely off the cuff here. In our own particular areas we all have good players..better players and the local A list. Lately I've been thinking of a very talented boogie woogie bass player who passed awhile back. His stage presence and audience repor was an experience yet he was never rude or brash. I always wanted to see how he myself and an A list guitar player would have paired with Stan. I'm not a world class boogie woogie shuffle drummer but I believe that Stan..myself and Kelly could have been a force. Do any of you look back and realize that you should have made a left turn to a possible great musical relationship?. Have you played with the people you always wanted to? any future plans to make a dream happen?. I waited to long.


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I appreciate this sentiment, and I'm sorry this guy is now gone.

I've played with everyone I've ever wanted to play with locally, and I'm currently very content with my situation (and I realize what a huge blessing it is to say so). My only regret with any band was with one in particular. We had a great thing going, but everyone else had soooo many other interests outside of playing music, I never felt like we met our full potential. It was pulling teeth just to try to practice. These days, I'll gig just as much in 2 weeks as that other band did in about a year (no exaggerating). I think that this is my only regret. I worked and stressed way too hard over a band that didn't care.