The 2nd kit you had


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So a lot of first sets are typically crappy and the next set is usually an upgrade.

Do you remember your second set of drums?

Mine were a brand new 6 piece 1976 Ludwig set in bowling ball blue oyster, 3 ply shells with the pointy badges and clear maple interiors.

I want to say they were 12 and 14 up top, with 16, and 18 down, with a 24 x 14 bass drum that I loved.

They came with a hi hat stand, a snare stand, 2 cymbal stands, a speed king pedal, and a Supra! For $835.00!

I hated those toms at the time, all of them lol. I couldn't tune, but the edges were so uneven.

They made me realize I didn't like tom brackets on the shell. When I held them up in the air by the rim, they sounded fine. On the tom tree, they just died. They are highly desired now lol.

Sold them way too cheap.

Then I went custom with a set of Eames.

Let's hear your stories. Pretty please?
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First kit was a Pearl Forum around 1998/99 right before hs, and then I went and ordered a DW Collector's in 2001 after working in an orchard for a year. To link this thread to your least favorite kit thread; it's the DW. Still have it. Haven't touched it in 10 years.


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My second kit about 1971 was definitely an upgrade but was still a very inexpensive red sparkle stencil kit. But they were in real sizes my first kit or Junior sizes. My third kit was a used Ludwig standard and gold strata. I played that one for many years


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My first kit was a Ludwig 1963 Blue sparkle-just two toms, replaced in 1965 my eldest brother replaced with a Ludwig red sparkle with two toms. He still has that kit somewhere. Then my next ,after a long hiatus, was a kit in 1994 my wife surprised me with a Pearl Forum kit-had 12,, 13, 16 toms as I recollect. I was so surprised my kids were young and they all had the kit hidden all over the house. Yeah sort of went from Vintage to crap but I still loved plaything them.


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My second kit was a Remo Mastertouch purchased new in 1990.
20, 10,12,16 Red wrap. Saved up a whole year.
Destroyed in a fire in 1997.


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My second kit was a CB700 Percussion. That was some 35/36 years ago.
That was my first set. Don't tell me yours was an upgrade - if so, from what?

My first kit was a CB700 standard 5 piece. My next kit was a first generation Tama Rockstar (pre DX, Custom, RS) 9-piece on a rack. I loved that kit. Double 24" kicks, 12",13",14",15" rack toms, 16" & 18" floor toms. This was 30 years ago.
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Dude, nowhere to go from there but down. If that's not living life, I don't know what is. Two racks, too!


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After having played a Hoshino Professional for the first seven years my second kit back in 1988 was a brand new Pearl BLX 6 piece with Deep Force toms. 10x8, 12x10, 13x11, 16x16 FT, 22x16 in #103 Piano Black. It came as a set with the 14x6.5 Steel Freefloater and also had a P880 Pedal. HiHat and snare stand were from the 900 Series, the flagship at that time.

I still own this kit and use it from time to time... the 13” tom was cut down to a snaredrum and a 14x12 was added. The FF I use regularly on bigger stages, this drum rocks! Still have the HiHat and footpedal lying around, but not using them anymore. The hihat makes noise when releasing the foot and the P880 is a good pedal but does not compete with the Eliminators I use today...
The price for the 6pc set with hardware was 3000 DM (German Mark if anyone remembers that currency).
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Had a Kent kit first up aged 7 and played that until I started work and could afford a newer kit - basic 5 piece export - at about aged 18/19
Morphed into this over the next 2 or 3 years and kept it for another 10 years or so.



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My first kit was a Tama Rockstar. My 2nd kit was my first 'pro' kit. It was a 2002 Arbiter AT Maple Kit 22/12/14. One lug tuning per head.

Had it until 2011ish, wish I still had it, really strange looking thing but it sounded great.

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one of these, then after that I got the first 24" 2 up 2 down Pearl wood fibreglass available , Rock and Roll Baby. Then a number of years later sold a 12 string Dobro and got a 24" 13" 16" Gretsch USA in Gloss Walnut that I gigged for many years. Still prefer 24" to this day so lesson well learnt there.


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I bought my 2nd kit in 93, a Yamaha Power V, ( I think it was 22, 10 12 13 16 14 snare). I had that for about a month, traded it for a used black sparkle Yamaha RTC (24, 13, 18).


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My second kit was a mid to late 70's Pearl fiberglass kit, when they still had the Roger's style tom arms on their kits. I bought the pieces of the kit over a couple of years, but eventually it was 6, 8, 10, 12 concert toms, 13, 14, 16 double headed toms, and two 22 bass drums. It was a lot of fun to play the big kit, but honestly I would have been better saving my money and not buying the concert toms because they never left the basement! I gigged with the rest of the kit for the next 10+ years. Man those were some heavy drums!


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I’ve only been drumming for a few years. So I just upgraded to my second kit - a used Yamaha Stage Custom. Used it for the first time last night at a gig. Love it! Can’t imagine upgrading from that anytime soon.


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First kit:
Tama Rockstar RS series

Second kit:
USA-made Pork Pies. Good lord, I remember the first time I tuned them up I was absolutely stunned at how they sounded. After playing a crap-ton of other kits over the years, I'm taking these out on Saturday night for maybe the second time in probably 10 years.



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Tama ImperialStar - I think it was a 13 piece. Wish i still had it.

That’s a split image of my second kit, color and all, except one thing. The color was discontinued, before I got the second bass, so my toms were on stands. I had a dragon on my reso in those days. My first set was actually a nice Rogers 5pc in blue oyster I really hated at the time. It just wasn’t cool enough. A few year later I discovered how wrong I was!