The 10 Best Singing Drummers In Rock History (Article)


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Well the singer of my friends country band now plays the drums for all their songs on a cocktail kit-sounds great. Drumming is so easy even a singer can do it. Well I'm not against drummers who sing but that said I'm against drummers who sing as in they are really singers and now taking over the drum slot too the greedy MFers. Who needs a drummer when you have a good singer who can drum too. I suggest all of us drummers unite and start singing and working to take the singers slot before the sneaky lil twits steal all our gigs. Double duty we should get double pay-because lead singer and drummer. Bo can be our resource manager to help us find our way to singing paradise -so we will all be song birds and great drummers. I want to see the last of a singer taking a drummer slot. We don't play and practice for years for some singer to take our place-so we have to strike first and drive their extinction before they ours.


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Narada Michael Walden sings.

Levon's grooves are amazing with a soulful voice, but I would have to credit Phil C. here for the 'win' for iconic songwriting/singing while making the drum iconic as well, I mean he made the drum the riff for In the Air Tonight.

I sing like dog but I did take some vocal lesson for back harmonies at one point. It's fun to play and sing



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Lenny Kravitz is worth an honorable mention since he plays on all of his albums.


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The Rev, former drummer from Avenged Sevenfold, was pretty amazing. I've seen some incredible footage I can't put my hands on right now.


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An obscurity, unless you are a hardcore fan of rockabilly & 1950's rock-&-roll: Dick Williams, drummer & lead singer of The Jodimars (an under-rated band comprising disgruntled former members of Bill Haley's Comets). Williams didn't drum on Rock Around The Clock, but did play on several of Haley's later hits; and as lead singer for The Jodimars, he proved himself to be a quite decent blues-shouter.
Dick Richards, actually, though his real last name was Bocelli. I was very good friends with all those guys, especially the bassist Marshall Lytle, and I even did a few shows playing bass with them after Marshall died. And now the only one left is the sax player Joey, and he's not in great shape. Those were the days. Dick was so awesome with the Comets! Well into his 90's, he'd do his drum solo, the crowd would go nuts, and he'd stand up with his hands above his head like Peter Criss! What an awesome dude! RIP.


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Not debating - but to say I’m good with the Catman being listed, his voice and pipes were extraordinarily gifted.

As a youngster in the mid 80s, I was deeply impacted by his persona and his somehow fitting vocals.

With his character and early onstage presence, I thought he had a good thing going.

What doesn’t get the attention is, I honestly believe he put Pearl on the map.
I’ll debate that.

Around 74-75 he went from Ludwig to Pearl and it’s been history as we know the people he’s influenced including myself.

He’s something else!


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My favorites:

Peter Hoorelbeke from Rare Earth
Kevin Godley from 10cc
Peter Criss
Levon Helm
Buddy Miles
Kelly Keagy
Don Brewer

And my all-time favorite is Roger Taylor.


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Brann Dailor from Mastadon is a better drummer than most of the people on the list and has a good enough voice that he could be the front man for the band if he so desired. Not everybody's cup of tea, but to be able to sing and play the complex rhythms he is playing puts him at the top of the list as far as I am concerned.
My thoughts exactly. Dude is an amazing singer and a ridiculous drummer.