The 10 Best Singing Drummers In Rock History (Article)


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Roger Taylor


Jeff Lynn from ELO.

A second for Roger Taylor. Karen Carpenter has to have been the best. Some great Queen backup. I think Ringo did OK for his type of song. He sounds better to me than any AC/DC growling.


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Bruno Mars, I think he does most of his drumming in the studio, and only technical sections live though. So, great drummer and great singer, but not necessarily at the same time at every second.


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Steve Perry was a drummer as well as a singer.


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I wonder if Gaye is a good fit. AFAIK he only worked briefly as a session-drummer for some months in 1961 but never again afterwards. Or am I wrong?
That's what I thought too, until recently. Turned out he played on a fair bit of his own studio albums in the 70s, as well as being the drummer on Stevie Wonder's first #1 hit, the live "Fingertips Pt 2."


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Deen Castronovo is by far and away one of the greatest.

Wow!..i was clueless! as to Deans proficiency on vocals. I pressed play and was absolutely blown away. I stopped listening to Journey after raised on radio. Dean is very Steve Perry(ish). I'll be talking to people at work tomorrow asking dude!..have you ever heard Dean Castrinovo sing?..hes frikkin phenomenal. I don't know what to say.