THC's Mapex Meridians


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So this journey with my new Meridians started back on March 29th when I just couldn’t resist anymore and I pulled the trigger on this 5 piece Mapex kit + hardware.


Basic Mapex Meridian Birch 5 piece kit. 10/12/14/22. No bells, no whistles, not even any cymbals.


Over the last couple months I've been watching Craigslist and picking up things here and there.

I found a guy who does nothing but buy and sell drum equipment. I call him my "drum dealer"

It’s hard to believe it’s only been two months, but I think I finally got my kit set up the way I like it.

So here it is today.


I recently replaced the tom heads with Remo Powerstroke 3's

(R to L) Sabian 22" Prototype Ride
Sabian 18" AA Medium Thin Crash
Sabian 16" XS20 Medium Thin Crash

Sabian 22" Prototype Ride

Sabian 18" AA Med Thin Crash
This one has a 1/4" crack and I scored it for $30. I drilled it out, and it's my favorite on the kit.

Zildjian 14" ZHT Med Thin Crash
Wuhan 8" Splash
Zildjian 12" Z Custom Splash

Wuhan 14" China Splash
Zildjian 14" Quick Beat Hi-Hats

There's also a Ludwig 14" Steel Snare over there



The next purchase will be the 16" floor tom

Now I just need to learn to play it :)

I feel like one of those brand new motorcycle riders that goes out and buys a race ready 1000cc crotch rocket, but doesn't have a clue how to ride it. Just kinda slowly lumbering around making every mistake in the book.
Like them, I'm probably going to hurt myself on this thing; or worse, somebody else.

Thanks for looking.
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Nice kit!
What is that drum thing above your ride in the 5th pic??

This one?

If you're refering to the things on the table, nothing fancy. Those are heads and hoops for another snare drum. You can see the empty snare stand in some other pics.

I have a ddrum 13x7 snare that used to look like this

I like the sound, but not crazy about the finish.

Since I've never done it before, I was playing around with a new look on it, and at the moment it looks like this.


This is just a vinyl wrap that's not actually attached the the drum. The hardware is holding it on.
I don't think I like this look either, and will probably change it up again at some point.

Yes, I'm a pic whore. Here's a few more.



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Nice setup! Really cool :)
Got alot of cymbals too. I've got more toms than I do cymbals on my Meridian Maples,(yeah... I just said that) no extra bass drum (or pedal)... Just LOADS of drums.
But they are amazing drums for the price too! I love Mapex alot.
Thinking of getting a 17" A Custom crash and a 17" K Crash and an 18" A/K China, wish it could be an oriental, they are pretty hard to find these days however.

And I have no money at the moment either. But oh well :)


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Haven't updated my pic thread in a little while.

Build it up, tear it down :)

Being a new drummer, I have decided that having everything I own on this kit is just too much right now. I'm still learning basics and having everything but the kitchen sink on there is just too confusing.

I've broken it down to just a basic 4 piece with a few cymbals.

I really like the simpler setup.







This is the coolest erector set, EVER!!

Thanks for looking :)


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Why do you have so much gear if you're just learning to play? And isn't this your second drum set?



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Looks great, man!!

I love 4-piece kits and don't care for having ten million cymbals. Simple is great. :)
I love my Meridians as well, they're really good kits.

Enjoy those drums, man! Cheers!


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Why do you have so much gear if you're just learning to play? And isn't this your second drum set?


Why not? I'm the same way... If you can afford it, then you spend your money on the things you enjoy... Whether you're any good at it or not.

Judging by my lawn, I'm even worse at home-ownership than I am at drumming :)


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Why do you have so much gear if you're just learning to play?

Because I can :)

Unlike a couple other times in my life, I am committed to following through this time. I also have a daughter that I'm trying to get going.

And isn't this your second drum set?

Technically it's my 4th. I'm looking for another kit right now too. I've found that having someone 6' 2" sharing a kit with someone 4' 1"is a real pain in the butt.


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Hey the four piece looks good and the rest could also given some time to piece it together. You can grow into it, but for now the price is right. Shop on.