That Old Thing?


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I was invited to play with a group that was practicing in an empty church at night. Was told they had a set and all I needed was a pair of sticks. Hmmm. Arrived and sat down to a very sorry looking 5 piece kit ... old and seen better days. Mapex V. Toms were almost vertical and the floor was tilted at least an inch, maybe two. (I didn't adjust, figured things would start falling apart and not mine to play with.) Cymbals were HH, crash and ride ... all made in Germany from a company "Schxxxxx?" something. (Cymbals, appeared to be a lower end entry-level brand.) Hardware appeared original and held together with evertything from hardware store wingnuts to duct tape. Heads were Evans G with coating worn off or smooth and considerably dented. Long story short:

The set sounded amazing! Better than mine. Way better than mine. Don't judge a book by its cover?! Hope I get invited back to play that baby again. Joey


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Nice to see threads like this, amongst all the others about shiny new equipment on the forum too. A contrast, if you will to the notion that & bling is everything


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It's very much the case sometimes, I played a practice room kit that looked pretty crap, and I didn't recognise the name, and yeah, sounded great. Fingers crossed you get it again!


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I've had several great AND crappy experiences with 'that old thing'.

Once was at a mates house. He called me over for a jam. 'The kit's not in good shape' he said. When I got there I had to agree with him. It was some weird unheard brand from China that I can't even remember. Cymbals were second hand and so brown and faded that you couldn't see what they were. I suspect it's some super nice old Zildjians.. Heads were forlorn Remo Pintripes and a CS i think on the snare. Worse part, one of the tom holders had broken and the tom was being held up with wire and tape.

What we ended up doing? - jamming for 3 hours because the sound was just fantastic. Really nice kit. Abit weird because I couldn't adjust anything and I was sitting on a plastic stool (the throne didn't come with the kit strangely) and was lower down than I normally was. Amazing sound.

But i also had a couple of really crappy experiences. I went to a studio once (you could tell it wasn't going to be good by the price, RM 15 an hour. That's about 4-5 USD) and the kit was so forlorn it nearly fell apart when I solo-ed on it. And I broke a skin, which luckily the studio owner did not ask me to replace. I guess because he knew it was going to die soon anyway.

Nice thread. I love experiences with old looking kits.


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Do you think it had something to do with the acoustics of the church?
All kits are victims of their acoustic environment. Thanks to the lousy acoustics of the Rockville, MD Guitar Center, I never bought the DeeDubs I'd gone there to buy. I went for the Yammie Maples and have never looked back.