That Drum Catalog whose pages you wore out


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I've never owned a drum catalogue.

But some of those TAMA ones from the 80s/90s that I'm seeing on here are amazing. Big solid heavy drums with full lugs......oh!

And the artists are SOOOO young!

I love that promo photo of Dom Famularo back then.

Thanks for posting these........they make my day.
That’s the catalog I totally wore out. Don’t recall if that’s where I got the Simon Phillips poster I had at the time, but he looked like a kid!

David Hunter

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For me, it would be the 1971 Slingerland catalog (the one with Buddy Rich in a white Nehru jacket), the 1973 Ludwig catalog, and the 1973/74 Rogers catalog. I actually still have all three.

New Tricks

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I never had a catalog. I spent my time at LL Smith looking at sports equipment and tools :)

I had an interest in music from about 6 years old but gear never appealed to me. It still doesn't. Probably odd.

Same with cars. I can appreciate them and have had enough nice ones to satisfy me, but in the end, I drive a 2002 F 150 with faded stock paint because it only cost 5K and I can get another 5 years out of it easily. I guess having stuff in general just doesn't appeal to me.


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The year was 1965. Rusty's Drum World in Ft Worth had a new Ludwig catalog, which I picked up on my Birthday, along with a very clangy Zildjian thick ride ($76 new)

That catalog was almost as great a present as that horrible sounding cymbal.
In it, there was a glossy pic of a red "Hollywood" 5 piece kit. (This would be the equivalent of Neil Peart's kit 15 or 20 years later; AUTHENTIC drum kits had 4 drums at the time....)

I actually almost stared a hole in that page...


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i didn't get catalogs til i started working at a music store.

but since i'm cleaning up an estate i took a pic of this page from a early 1900's sears catalog. pretty cool.



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Definitely the Slingerland '77/78, Ludwig '80 and Paiste '79 catalogues. With the Paiste catalogue I received the Profiles 2 book, which I also really got into.

Funny how we'd spend hours with these catalogues, whereas now we're spoon-fed a new video every day about a product which we watch once and quickly forget about...


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I started playing drums in middle school in '85 and the Yamaha '86 catalog is the one that did it for me. That solid black Recording Custom set on page six with double 24 inch kicks and ALL the toms. Mmmmm, money baby! I picked up the same model snare from that picture (SD-098 in solid black) when I was working at a music store back in the 90's and I still take it to gigs frequently. I also have the steel 14x6.5 RC version (SD-296) from that catalog and I still love that era of Yamaha drums!

I also really liked the Tama catalogs from that time period, the one that had Granstars and ArtstarII's, especially. Fabulous looking kits!