Thanks Veterans!


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You're welcome. Just doing my job. Never had to dodge any bullets, though. I was an electronics technician. US Navy 1976 - 1982.


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Was a pleasure. Thank you.
76J20 Medical Supply Specialist, United States Army Hospital Berlin, Germany
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Jeremy Bender

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Yes thank you. My Dad and Uncle's were in WW2 and Korea.
Back in the 1980's I fought the Cold War with a snare drum in the US Navy Band.


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US Navy '84-'90 here. Boiler Tech on USS Brooke (FFG-1) and USS Midway (CV-41).

Only break I've taken from regular drumming since I started playing in '81.

Good times, though. I wouldn't change a thing about the whole experience.

Mount Saint Elle'ns

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Thank you, Veterans! My father was a Major in the Special Forces, and I know that Veterans deserve far better services, pay, respect, and healthcare than they receive, and I hope the government remedies this soon. I especially hope the stigma of getting help for emotional health issues is abolished, and that veterans will no longer see it as a weakness. You men and women are able to handle so much, but we all need a bit of help sometimes. Seeing issues and events in our lives from a new perspective, with the help of a highly qualified specialist who understands how the human mind works (read: psychologist), can be life changing. Friends are great, and supportive, but the insight from a *good* mental health specialist in invaluable. :)


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Thank you freinds and comrades alike. It was with pleasure I served with some of the finest men and women the US has to offer.

USAF 1980-2004