thanks: 'this is a very active and helpful forum with very friendly people'

Though I've not been a member for long I have had a really good time here asking my questions and getting valuable help and opinions.

So:Thanks everyone for the great and very friendly support!



Seconded...I've had a ton of help with my seemingly endless/possibly pointless questions. Thanks everyone!


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Friendly, helpful people indeed! And Larry! lol

(Plus you'll notice several of us like to have a lot of fun joking around. :D)


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Yup, tons of pro drummers and manufacturers with a bazillion years of combined experience, the occasional bung-hole and only one Uncle Larry!

Life is good.


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This forum has helped me to already blow way more cash then I thought I could on my drums. I used to like my gear to some extent, before I was forced to look at cymbal porn, snare porn drum kit porn and worse yet, listen to incredible cuts of members playing. This forum sucks for my wallet!

I don't know Uncle Larry very well, but he's quickly becoming my favorite. Always a left turn. :). Thanks Larry...