Thanks GruntersDad for closing the thread


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WTH? Wake up cranky today? Sheesh!

Maybe I should've made it more clear that I was looking for experience with specifically Canopus and Noble & Cooley snare wires.

The threads you linked all talk about basically Puresound, which is NOT what I'm looking for. None of those threads were relevant or helpful.

Maybe it should be made clear by the administration that no new snare wire threads will be tolerated. Maybe that should be extended to threads like "What new snare should I buy?" etc.



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I apologize for the closure. It is now open again. I didn't read through every snare wire thread I referenced so it was my fault. This administration has not ties to any brand of any drum related gear. Sorry. It may have helped it this post was done through a PM however. Thanks.

I woke up feeling really good as it were . I got a new pillow and it's great.