Thank You :)


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Well, the last year has been a wild ride for me personally, and through the struggles i have achieved a good amount of personal growth.

Looking at all the jakester stuff going on i cant help but feel i came off a little bit that way in the past with posting videos and stuff. At first the harsh criticism kind of hurt, and forced me on the defensive, Fox in particular comes to mind as someone i may have overreacted with at times.

But, today i was at jam, taking an extra tom and cymbal off my kit, to the surprise of the rest of the guys in the band, and we started playing. I was flowing with really creative tom stuff, not relying on a mash of sounds to appear good, i have been practicing my double bass to a metronome for a few months, and was able to easily switch between steady 8ths, 16ths, mix in some triplet and 32nd note flourishes, all while having it come out very clean, powerful and articulate.

So now that im home, and very pleased with my performance, i have to say thank you to everyone here at drummerworld. If it werent for the little bit of a kick in the ass, i would still be banging on poorly tuned tubs with straight tom rolls and muddy bass drum work. People are a little harsh at times, but all the practise time sitting there going "ill show those guys!" has really really improved me as an all around player. I even got an offer from another band to sit in on gigs and such until they find a drummer (since i wont commit permanently) because they appreciate my style and how i compliment the music and im not another speed demon hit everything i have in thirty seconds weither it sounds good or not drummer.

So as a person who has been humbled by the vast array of knowledge i thank everyone who took the time, privately, publicly, harsh or soft to help me get where i am today.

Also just picked up a copy of stick control so that i can take a step back and work my rudiments again.